Degree in Astronomy (focus on Astrophysics) from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Observatório do Valongo. Pursuing an academic master's degree (Stellar Astrophysics) at Centro de Radioastronomia e Astrofísica Mackenzie. Leading a project to analyze the empirical parameters and chemical abundances of solar twin stars. The main focus of my research today is the chromospheric and magnetic activity of solar-type stars, using both photometry and spectroscopy data. Over 200 hours of observational astrophysics experience in the classic mode (on-site) using different telescopes and spectrographs inside and outside Brazil. Skilled in scientific computing and programming in Python. Involved in extension projects to promote astronomy to the public. Promoting science actively since 2004, maintaining a website discussing a professional career in astronomy ( Created #AstroThreadBR on Twitter and currently writing a monthly astronomy column for a prestigious Brazilian journal of popularization of science (Revista Galileu).

ESO - La  Silla (Chile) 

2017, November

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